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Power Support Solution

High performance for obtaining energy: XK for power station.

Ability and a lot of experience are required when building power stations. Enormous quantities of materials and complex systems must be in the right place at the right time. For decades, XK has been off ering comprehensive solutions for all types of power stations. We know the requirements down to the last detail and are reliable companions − from planning through to implementation.

*Think connected XK stands for networked thinking − all over the world our systems provide a reliable backbone for building and system technology for industry, commerce and infrastructure systems.

*Solutions with a system XK systems are practically a component part of power station construction. From complete mounting systems, through rising and wide span systems, up to cable ladder and function maintenance systems – XK has the right solutions.

*For each type of power station XK can off er complete solutions for the following plants: • Brown coal and hard coal-fi red power stations • Oil, gas and steam power stations • Nuclear power stations • Waste incineration plants.
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