Office Building Electricity Arrangement
Office Building Electricity Arrangement
Shanghai XK Construction Material Co.,Ltd

Heavy Industrial Support Solution

  • People who use modern office buildings need to communicate, organise and move around. All of that means placing high demands on the functionality and flexibility of a building’s electrotechnical infrastructure. XK solutions form the basis for that. They conduct electricity, route data, control energy – and they provide safety in places where lots of people meet and work every day.

*Steering the flow of power intelligently The complexity of electrical systems grows with the size of a building and the number of uses it has. The flow of electricity has to be channelled and guided along various routes, which demands some intelligent organisation.

*Integrated systems XK Cable Management encompasses a large number of different systems all aimed at guiding electricity and data from the entrance into the building all the way to the places where they are used - without interruption. A range of finishes and materials go to make up a complete portfolio for practically every kind of use. Furthermore, Xk is always producing innovative new solutions as new technical needs arise.

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